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In this week’s episode of the podcast, we have a throwback episode with Kate Rutherford, formerly of LoyalSource and now the VP of Talent Technology at the Advanced Group.  Prior to her current position, Rutherford cut her teeth at one of the largest staffing firms in the nation (a practice that a large chunk of the staffing industry will be familiar with), and has occupied most chairs in the office, from recruiter to business development manager to director.

The trio discusses the intimidation that many feel in regards to digital transformation, but how a number of strategies can help to reduce the risk of being overwhelmed. They argue that it’s perhaps a less technical prospect than many assume and that digital transformation strategy shouldn’t actually be left in the hands of the IT department, but rather in the hands of those who trade the technical for the tangible.

They also chat about:

  • Why Google and Apple are increasingly filling technical roles with liberal arts graduates.
  • Why conversation is half the battle in digital transformation, and how collaboration can get you 90% there.
  • Why you should expect the same of your vendors as your customers expect of you.

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