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In this week’s episode of the podcast, Lauren and Rob talk about Quiet Quitting, a trending topic in the media and especially on Tik Tok.

The hosts contend that this trend is a symptom or continuation of the Great Resignation and it is about worker fatigue.

Quiet Quitting is defined as an employee who solely does the responsibilities listed in their job and nothing in addition, which contends directly with ‘the hustle’ culture older generations venerated. 

In today’s employment market, employees currently have the power and therefore are defining their work/life integration on their terms. 

In other words, they are working to live not living to work. 

This is a stark contrast to ‘the hustle culture’ which became increasingly prevalent in the last 30 years (and is now dropping in popularity).

But the work-to-live concept is by no means new. Is quiet quitting just a Gen-Z phrase gaining prominence through the power of social media, with history repeating itself as per Gen-Xers in the 1990s?

Please let us know what you think is driving ‘Quiet Quitting’ and if is affecting your business.

There are a lot of additional resources that discuss all the variances of quiet quitting linked below.

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